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MAPA® work glove Ultrane 500 Grip & Proof 

This mechanic gloves are ideal for work areas: tire change, installation, dismantling, repair, inspection / service and maintenance 
Well suited for cutting, stamping and embossing work, when servicing in wet, damp environment (water, oils, greases, hydrocarbons), and processing / handling of metal sheets, glass sheets, sharp-edged components and oily machine parts 
Interior with seamless knit / knit jersey 
Good fit - sitting comfortably, with knitted cuffs at the wrist 
Dipped and sanded nitrile, the back of the hand is uncoated 
The surface with Grip & Proof-nitrile coating provides excellent grip in oily environments to work accurately perform, minimizes muscle fatigue and increases productivity 
Oil-resistant: no penetration of oil and reduced dermatitis (skin protection) 
Nitrile provides very good resistance to oils, greases and hydrocarbon derivatives and to aromatic or chlorinated solvents and is very compatible with the skin, even with long wearing times 
Excellent abrasion resistance and high efficiency thanks to the long service life 
Provides mechanical protection to EN 388 4121 
Cat.2 CE certificate 

Length: 26 cm 
Colour: dark blue / black 
Material: Special Grip & Proof nitrile coating 

Velikosti: XS-3XL

Delivery: 1 pair