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       Čelada za cestne Enduro motocikle. Izjemno lahka.

  • Outer shell made of TrIcarboco composite material (a combination of Kevlar, carbon and fibreglass and aramidic resins), available in two sizes (M and L), 100% hand made in Italy.
  • Internal Polystyrene protective lining, available in two sizes (M and L). The special shape and construction in different density increases mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shock. Inner channels studied in the wind tunnel guarantee a perfect ventilation .
  • The Face shIeld is thermoformed from a polycarbonate flat sheet.  Each face shield is a one-of-a-kind piece with unique optical features and mechanical resistance. Thanks to this process, the face shield is anti scratch and anti fog and there is no need to use additional lenses on the visor.
  • The helmet is equipped with a second Inner Visor, in light smoke colour, that can be used as sun glasses.
  • The D-Ring retentIon system is designed and patented by Suomy and used by all the riders: this reliable and tested double D ring system ensures stability, safety and resistance.
  • Peak developed in the wind tunnel is ergonomically designed to control and reduce of 50% the buffeting effect of the standard peaks.
  • Removable and washable Cheek Pads and Inner Comfort lIners, available in different thickness for complete customization of the final product.